Hey there! My name is Dana, you may also know me as Molly De Montaigne from my literary YouTube channel. I’m 20, living on Coastal Australia, and raring for whatever comes next!

I love reading, baking, candlestick making, writing, public speaking (who loves that?) I’m a Christian, I love going on adventures, cosy days and messy days without an in-between, eating a LOT of berries, and Lord of The Rings. Lots of it.

This site is multiple things. It’s a place for me to express all of the thoughts and discussions that I don’t currently have time to film but still would love to share, it’s also a place for me to diversify beyond solely literature (though there will still be a great deal of that) and share everything else within me – hopefully spread some encouragement! Posts may also occasionally simply be quotes – I find it hard to keep track of quote I love and this would be a great medium to share them, too! And most importantly, this site a safe place filled with the comforts of home. Basically, it’s about as Hobbit-y and adventurous as I can make it. This site is a Bilbo.

Don’t be afraid to drop me a line, I’d love to talk to you about anything and everything 🙂