A List of Things to Journal

  • Book quotes – Ones that connect with you or favourites to remember a current read
  • Sentences on a memorable date – if something big has happened and you want to remember when but don’t want to write a lot about it, just write a sentence. You’ll remember it the same!
  • Paintings – eiher paintings from other people that you’ve collected, paintings you’ve done previously and want stick in, or use pages of your journal for your paintings (Be careful with the type of paint and paper stock you use, though!)
  • Experimentations – Go nuts. Be free.
  • Leaves and flowers from walks – A lovely way to remember times out and about, plus leaves and flowers tend to be pretty flat so that don’t make the journal too bulky.
  • Recounts of your days, weeks, year – whether detailed or vague, sporadic or structured, really do what you want with this, and don’t feel pressure to make all of the entires uniform in style and length either. Sometimes I’ll write a page and it’ll flit back and forward over a week with no reason or rhyme.
  • A ramble of feelings you don’t know how to express – this helps me to express my feels, just trying and writing them down and reading over them really helps to clear my head.
  • Planning out goals – long term or short term, planning them out and their logistics before they’re set in stone.
  • How you’re improving in your goals and self – self analysis can be really great! Plus, you can see what you think about yourself subconsciously. Always interesting.
  • Poems – your own or your favourites.
  • Lyrics – again! Own or favourites 🙂
  • Book reviews – Not a Goodreads person? Not a BookTuber? Just want to remember your thoughts about a book while you’re having them? Do it.
  • Trying new typography and writing styles – Again, it’s a place to experiment, this is a perfect place for all trials and errors.
  • Sketches of people – No matter if you’re talented or terrible
  • Sketches of buildings – I find these the most fun, especially while travelling.
  • To do lists – Then you know where they all are!
  • Shopping lists – you’ll never lose them.
  • Prayers – it’s great to look back on things and see the result of them, also Habbukuk 2:2. All my God stuff goes in my journal.
  • Self encouragement – You are your best champion. Encourage the hell out of yourself, especially when you’ve done something wrong or feel unworthy.
  • Event tickets – remember movies, concerts, plays, etc.
  • Novel structure – Great way to set things out without it being set in stone.
  • Writing ideas – Need a way to remember tiny things you want to add to your novel without losing the bits of paper? Journal it.
  • Frustration spiels – Definitely gets out the frustration. Helps me to process mine.
  • Anxiety attacks – Really interesting to look back on. Not in a scientific way, but it’s interesting to see where your mind goes, how the anxiety started, and what you can do next time. This also goes for bouts of depression, etc.
  • Worries – the low key stuff? Write that out too. It’ll help you keep it from becoming the big stuff.
  • Assignment planning – It’s tough. Get it done. It’s satisfying to remember it getting done, too.
  • Video planning – Helps me a TON. Also if I want to add notes to ideas of videos that I haven’t planned yet.
  • Week plans – Just plan out your stuff in whichever format you want to.
  • Inspiration for your goals – health, travel, fashion – MAKE A COLLAGE!
  • Letters – for those who like snail mail, but it’s not even that, it’s also post its and quick notes left about.
  • Kind things people have said to you – these are great to remember on the bad days. Dog ear these pages.
  • Anything you want to remember – ANYTHING!
  • Adventures you want to make – It’s great to have a list so that when some free time comes up you already have something planned, rather than struggling to remember all the things you know you wanted to do.
  • Plants you don’t want to forget – All the plants!!
  • Plans for how you want to organise your room/bookshelves – Planning is super effective with any moving/reorganising.
  • Pros and cons lists – to life choices or book buying decisions!
  • Things that you don’t want anyone else to read – Your journal is for YOU.
  • Things you can’t talk to other people about – you can talk to yourself about it. You’re more insightful than you appear to be, too. You just have to think things through.
  • Things you’re afraid of admitting – even things you can’t admit to yourself, it’s healthy and helpful to get it out, even if you don’t want to share it with another person.
  • Scrapbooking pages – Once again. ALL THE COLLAGES!
  • Kind reminders – to yourself, about the world, from others, about anything.

Happy journaling 🙂


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